Jeff Landon

I forgot to mention in my mini-list of contributors to the most recent edition of SmokeLong Quarterly the estimable Jeff Landon.

I don't know Jeff Landon, and sometimes, online, I'll see the name Jeff Parker and think of Jeff Landon and vice versa. Jeff Parker and Jeff Landon, as far as I know, are different people, but both are great writers.

Mr. Landon has published in some fine print journals including Night Train, Other Voices, and Crazyhorse. And he's also published in a number of fine online journals. Since I overlooked mentioning him before, here are some links to his stories I've been able to find. Print them out, make a little Jeff Landon book (like I did) and read them again and again.

"Like Swimming"

"Catholic Girls"
"For You"

SmokeLong Quarterly

"Emily Avenue"
"Five Fat Men in a Hot Tub"
"Tiny Bombers"
"Thirty-Nine Years of Carrie Wallace"

Ink Pot


Jeff said...

Hey, this is me.
Thanks, Chad.
And I know Claudia Smith. She's married with a baby boy, but she's still a perfect woman for you to have a writer crush on because she's hugely talented, kind, and pretty, too!

Chad Simpson said...

Thanks for stopping by, Jeff. I hope you don't mind my compiling the links to your stories. I really admire your work.

Jeff landon said...

No, no, I appreciate it.
Thanks, and all the best with your own stories.