I Heart iTunes

Inexplicably, I used to hate the whole notion of EP's. I say inexpicably because I think the literary equivalent of the EP is the chapbook, and I tend to love chapbooks.

But there was something about the EP that always made me think, "Just put out a full-length album already."

All that, however, has changed. I've been listening to Calexico and Iron & Wine's "In the Reins" (I know, I'm like ten months behind on this) and loving every minute of it.

Seriously. I take back everything I ever thought about the EP. They are now totally as cool as chapbooks.

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Southern Writer said...

Hi. I found your blog through Flood - maybe. Actually, I'm not sure at this moment where I found it. Anyway, I'm not a poet, and know nothing about chapbooks except that a friend of mine who is a poet wrote a couple of them. I interviewed him on my blog, but I'm not going to send you there. I'll give you the link to his site instead because you'll enjoy it more.


I liked your poems. Those were hot.