livejournal vs. Blogger

livejournal: I'm BoooRrrredddD!!!

Blogger: I'm procrastinating.

* * *

livejournal: FrI3nDzzz oNLeeee!

Blogger: Someone, anyone, please leave me a comment.

* * *

livejournal: took these pics last nite with my camera phone. check out Donnie. he's such a bAsTard!!! & so cute!!! ;)

Blogger: Thankfully, I remembered to take my Canon Powershot with me to the writer's conference. I'll post more photos as soon as Blogger starts cooperating.

* * *

And now, a few things that are actually related to this blog...

* * *

livejournal: OMG, last night's episode of The Contender was soooooo gOoD!!!!

Blogger: Seriously. If you've never seen the show, this week's episode (Andre Eason vs. Walter Wright) will be playing sporadically on ESPN for the next week. Check it out.

* * *

livejournal: THX soooOOO mch to the anon. commenter who recogniZed ystrdy's fish.

Blogger: After joking that the fish was maybe an alligator, J.C. searched the Internets yesterday afternoon and decided the fish was a shortnose gar, relative of the alligator gar. The commenter, though, pointed out that the fish is actually a sturgeon, "the prehistoric fish that never became extinct." And the commenter, it appears, is correct. To think, I had prehistory right there at my feet.


fringes said...

Your anonymous commenter seems to be as polite and smart as my anonymous commenter. We're both so fortunate.

This post was funneee. (Live Journal)

Great post, Chad. (Blogger)

Writing Blind said...

I have hurt myself from laughing at you this morning. I have only been awake for ten minutes. See how much I love you, that I come here with my hair all messed up and sleep still in my eyes? That's dedication. Or else it means I have no life, I'm not sure.

Dave Clapper said...

The Contender is great. And I'm totally a fan of Wright, although I think he needs to tone down the theatrics inside the ring.

Chad Simpson said...

Thanks, Fringes. I should have required everybody to comment in each mode.

Rebecca, you could at least brush your teeth before showing up--or use some Scope or something. But messy hair and sleep in your eyes are acceptable.

Dave, Wright was totally solid in that fight. So precise. But I can't imagine anyone watching who didn't want the little guy to come through. Those blows he was attempting to land, though, despite the slow-motion and musical effects, were mostly blocked by Wright. Such manipulation. Which is why it's so good.