My story "Estate Sales" is up at juked.

Since the story's only about a thousand words long, here's the one-sentence teaser:

"I wonder how long he's been saying my name, how long I've been imagining myself inside his house."

Much thanks to John Wang for taking the story and for his thoughtful and insightful edits. And much thanks to Heather, who was married this past summer beneath two rows of trees next to a farmhouse, and whose directions to the place told us to look for the pine windbreak.


Susan Flemming said...

Your story "Estate Sales" touched my heart. It has the ring of truth to it. And I liked that last part where he respects his father-in-law's need to tell the little white lie. Well written, Chad.

Chad Simpson said...

Thanks, Susan.

I always have this kind of post-publication stress disorder, during which I become convinced that whatever it is I've put out into the world is terrible.

All that to say: I truly appreciate your comment.

Southern Writer said...

I'll just repeat for you what I told Juked. I thought it was an incredibly poignant story. I appreciate characters like Bill in my real life, and the world would be a much better place if all our friends portrayed the selfless kindness of Gabe. It speaks volumes about the author.

And now you're saying it's someone else's story? I've been robbed! Ack!

Southern Writer said...

Oops. I see I mis-read that. Whew. I feel better now.

Flood said...

Well I liked it a lot, too. I'm always afraid I'm getting the message wrong when I read your stuff, even though it ends up having a lot of impact on me, anyway. So, I won't go into what I got from it. I'll just repeat that I liked it a lot.

Congratulations again!

(Have to checked out some of J.W.'s shots in Moment? Really great.)

Anonymous said...

Kick ass story, Chad!


Chad Simpson said...

Thanks, Lesia. And thanks, Flood. And you, too, Kyle.

You have all helped alleviate my post-publication issues, and I am truly grateful.

Lisa said...

I loved that! Poignant and funny. Really great. Thanks.