Karmic Retribution

This afternoon as I was eating lunch I saw one of the commercials for the MLB playoffs on ESPN. The commercial featured a woman who has locked herself in her room because the Red Sox didn't make the playoffs. Eventually, Tommy Lasorda is called on-scene, and he tells the woman through her closed door, "It's October. It's time to root against the Yankees."

And the woman comes out, happy to do just that.

I don't have many favorite teams--the Cubs are pretty much it--but I do have a lot of teams I like to root against: Duke basketball, the Lakers, Ohio State football, and, of course, the Yankees. The problem, though, is that I always feel like my (and others') hatred for teams like Duke, and the Lakers, and the Yankess, actually sends them some kind of positive karmic energy, and thus tends to work against itself. It's like every time one of us wishes Kobe Bryant would just fall on his face, we're actually sending that buzzer-beater right through the hoop, helping it touch nothing but net.

Right now, though, Detroit is up 2-1 on the Yanks in the playoffs, and I couldn't be happier, especially considering that ridiculous lineup the boys from the Bronx are fielding (seriously. have you seen this lineup? it's sick).

And so, at the risk of angering the karmic gods, I'm saying, go Detroit. May you meet up with San Diego (I know, I know, they're down 2-0) in the World Series.


Anonymous said...


Seriously, I was just thinking the same thing. About, uh, Detroit and all. And Kobe.

Rebecca said...

*Sigh* Stupid Yankees. Stupid Randy Johnson. There's still two games left though, time enough for the Yanks to get their heads out of their asses.

Anonymous said...

'time enough for the Yanks to get their heads out of their asses.'

Apparently not!!!!

fringes said...

Yankees are out. Padres are out. Go figure.