Unfinished Stories Project

A snippet of my old, yet very unfinished story "A War to Fight" is up over at Kevsville.

For those of you who don't know about the Unfinished Stories Project, here's Mr. O'Cuinn's take on what he's up to:

Sometimes stories remain unfinished. Sometimes stories just die, in the middle of a plot, or the start of a sentence, or even at the end of a wor-

Sometimes the writer, having moved on, will come back and try to revive the story. And sometimes that works. But sometimes not. A whole lotta sometimes. People need endings, conclusions without contradictions, closure. But we don't always get them.

My story is #35, which means Kevin's already posted a number of cool little unfinished stories by some very talented writers--including Elizabeth Ellen, Myfanwy Collins, and Daniel Alarcon (whose War by Candlelight you should all check out), just to name a few--but he's looking for more. You can send your damaged darlings (to quote Swink) to: tohellwithclosere (at) yahoo (dot) com.

And once you're done doing that, go and read Kevin's latest piece at Defenestration.

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