Where I Live

Galesburg has a page on Wikipedia. Check out the second bullet under the Trivia sub-heading.
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Courtesy of Galesburg's Register Mail: You can view a video of the Scarecrow Festival here. It's worth watching, if only to look at the scarecrows while listening to some woman sing "I'm Here for the Party."
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This didn't happen in Galesburg but in Mineral, Illinois: Frog Found in Can of Peas.
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And so this place where I live, which I pretty much love despite its lack of a decent bookstore or sushi restaurant, doesn't appear to be the land of only country music and teenage debauchery: Jordan Davis' The Million Poems Show is coming to campus this afternoon and will get me out of my last late Friday afternoon office hour. I can't wait.
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Update: The Wikipedia page has been changed. The second bullet I was trying to point people to had said something like, "Because there is little to do, teenagers often turn to drinking and having sex, sometimes when they are as young as thirteen."

Despite the shaky information, and the uncertainty that what is here today might not be around tomorrow, you gotta love Wikipedia.

Isn't uncertainty one of the basic tenets of postmodernism?

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