Call It A Term

It's the last week of classes here in Galesburg.

Well, the last full week of classes. My Beginning Fiction class meets next Monday. After that, I'll read some portfolios, assign grades, and call it a term.

For those of you who may care, on Friday night, I finished edits on a chapbook of ten flash and short-short stories, which I'll soon be sending out to a few contests. You can, you know, wish me luck in comments or something. If you want.


fringes said...

Good luck!

Chad Simpson said...

Thanks, Fringes.

Lisa said...

Exciting. Knock 'em dead! And obviously, keep us informed.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chad,

Just saw your page on the Alison's MFA blog -- congrats on all your work and awards and such! And say howdy to Jane!

Abbey W.

Kyle Minor said...

If there's any justice in the universe, you'll win.

Chad Simpson said...

Thanks, Lisa. I'll let you know what happens.

Hey, Abbey. Good to hear from you. I forgot to tell Jane howdy, but I'll remember now. Say hi to Nathan for me. Or 'sup, or something like that.

You have a new picture, Kyle. Thanks for the note on justice. Made me laugh. You know, I haven't even sent the thing, and already I'm doubting whether or not I should. It's kind of an odd little manuscript. This kind of doubt is probably the reason I still haven't officially finished a collection of "regular" stories yet.

Anonymous said...

I'll send those thoughts telepathically or something -- it all ended the summer before last. Yeah, that was fast. Heh. -- AW