AWP Atlanta

I finally made my arrangements for the upcoming AWP conference in Atlanta--I renewed my AWP membership, registered for the conference, purchased my plane tickets, and reserved my hotel room. Thanks to the AWP's online store and Travelocity, it was mostly painless, except for this: I just dropped what feels like a ton of cash for a conference I'm pretty ambivalent about attending in the first place. Maybe somebody on the plane will be giving neck rubs. Or the book fair will feature a jacuzzi surrounded by complimentary cocktails and really good snacks.


mist1 said...

I want to know what airline you fly where you can get a neck rub. I can't even get to keep the can when I ask for a soda. I have to share it with the person sitting next to me.

Donna said...

Hey! You have a blog! How very nonfictional of you. Glad to see it. Life is good?

Chad Simpson said...

Mist--Having to share isn't all bad: that half can of soda is good for, what, like three mini-bottles of Jack?

Hey, Donna! I sent you an email. Life's grand. Let me know how things are going with you. And thanks for stopping by.