Blogging Question

I know that's a pretty lame blog-post title, but it's a fairly accurate one, too. What I have is a blogging question--or, rather, a Blogger question:

I have a little project I want to put into blog format, but I want the posts to start with the old and progress to the new, which, of course, isn't how Blogger typically operates. I've looked all around the setting and template stuff but haven't found anything that would allow me to do what I'm looking to do. So, does anyone know if this kind of date reversal is possible?

If anybody can help, I'll bake you some cookies. Or write you a poem. Or something. I'd sing you a song, but, man, I'm a terrible singer.

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Anonymous said...

You may have to go with a different blogging outfit, or upgrade to a paid account. I was just checking out Violent Acres, and the navigation system works a little differently than other sites do, although it still begins with the most recent post.


Another blog, run by my friend Felix, might give you some ideas, too. Feel free to write to him and ask about coding and such; he could probably tell you how to set things up as you like. You can use the comments box on the lower right-hand corner to contact him.


I'm sorry I don't have anything more specific to offer, but I only blog on myspace, and only used blogger while teaching.