Insulin for Kitties

I forgot to mention: A friend called two nights ago to ask if I could cat-sit for him. I thought, Sure. No big deal. Put out some food, maybe empty the litter pan.

"There's something you should know," he said. I figured he was going to say something about the cat's not liking strangers. In the past, when J.C. and I have had people cat-sit for us, we've instructed them not to wear open-toed shoes, not to make eye contact with the beast. Get in, get out. "Seriously," we've told them. "She may look sweet, but she's sent two people to the hospital. Don't be the third."

"Our cat's diabetic," he said, "so you'll have to give her a shot."

Last night I went over there for a tutorial. I learned how to draw the insulin from the vial, how to tap out the air bubbles, where to hold the cat and where to stick him. Still, I'm a little nervous. It'd be way easier if I only had to put out some food and empty the litter pan.

In the end...I think "Insulin for Kitties" is going to be my new band name on Guitar Hero.


Lisa said...

Heavens! I must admit that I would think long and hard before attempting to give a cat a shot. I can barely get a pill into any of my cats' mouths.

Chad Simpson said...

Giving the shot wasn't bad at all. Way easier than getting a pill into a cat's mouth.

And this cat I was giving the shot to was so sweet, he actually started to purr as soon as I pulled the hypo out of the package. It was a little odd.