Online Find--Taraxa

There's a new magazine dedicated to flash fiction on the scene. It's called Taraxa, but I don't know much else about it because its "about" page is written in Norwegian. The stories, though, thankfully, appear in English.

Go here for a Claudia Smith story that I think appears in the latest issue of Noo as well.

Go here for a pretty little story by Katrina Denza.

And go here for an amazing piece, my favorite in the issue I've read so far, by Sam Lipsyte.

Thanks to Pia Z. for showing me the way.

And speaking of Ms. Ehrhardt, her collection of stories, Famous Fathers, is available for pre-order on Amazon. MacAdam/Cage deserves serious props for putting this one out into the world; I'll be getting mine as soon as it's available.


Matt said...

The Lipsyte originally appeared in Vestal Review (and is, as you said, amazing), and I'm pretty sure Katrina's is a reprint as well. So it's nice to have somewhere to collect these excellent works from elsewhere. I wonder if Taraxa will have more original work in the future, or if it'll always be this reprint heavy (which isn't necessarily a bad thing, of course).

Chad Simpson said...

Thanks for the info, Matt. I should have done a little more research.

Matt said...

Oh, I wasn't saying any of that in a disparaging way-- Those are all damn good stories, and I've got nothing against reprints. I just wish I could read the other half of their website-- My Norwegian isn't what it used to be.

Chad Simpson said...

I didn't take it in a disparaging way, Matt.

I wish I could read their website, too; it's funny, though, how much of it you can kind of glean even from the Norwegian, because it's a literary magazine and they all say fairly similar things regarding what they're about and their submissions and whatnot.