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As I said a few entries ago, I spent the night with my nephew D. last weekend. When I first got there, I got all dressed up in my brother-in-law's coveralls and Carhartt coat, his rubber boots, and D. and I played around in the snow for an hour or so. We dug tunnels through a big snow drift.

Then we came inside and tried to warm up, watching movies that were questionably age-appropriate (Little Man and Blade III: Trinity).

At one point during Little Man, D. turned to me and said, "What's a quickie?" It always amazes me how much kids "get" even though they pretend ignorance. And though Little Man is filled with the kinds of things that titillate ten-year-old boys, it was so bad D. got bored with it. So I ordered pizzas, and we drove to Orion to pick them up.

When we got back, D. started making a pot of coffee. I was like, "What are you doing?"

He said, "Making coffee for the morning."

I kind of blew it off, but then an hour or so later D. was getting out the blender while holding the full coffee pot in his hand. I took the coffee pot from him, helped him set up the blender. Apparently, we were making "smoothies": coffee, milk, copious amounts of sugar.

A little after Blade ended, D. said he wanted to sleep downstairs, so I made a bed on the floor, and he took the couch. Sometime during the night, D. joined me on the floor, where I slept fairly uncomfortably. And then in the morning, I heard someone rummaging around in the kitchen, getting out the previous night's pizza boxes, turning on the microwave. I figured D.'s dad was home, and I rolled over, burrowing into the covers. There was a heap of blankets on the floor next to me, which I thought was D., but eventually I opened my eyes enough to realize that D. was up, and was probably the person rummaging around in the kitchen.

So I got up, and went for my glasses and wedding ring on the end table. Once I had my glasses on, I realized there was a cup of coffee on the table next to my wedding ring. D. had heated up some of the previous night's coffee in the microwave, and then left it in the living room for me without waking me up.

I carried it into the kitchen, to thank him, but then saw the blender sitting on the counter. So instead, I thanked him, and then told him we were going to mix up another batch of those smoothies.

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