J.C. is still in a lot of pain.

She called the orthopedist yesterday to make a follow-up appointment, and when she told them the bruising was pretty bad around her ankle, the swelling hadn't gone down in her toes, and she still couldn't put any pressure on her foot at all, the podiatrist took another look at her emergency room X-rays and asked her to come in today.

We're hoping there's a fracture of some sort. Then she'll get fitted for a walking cast, and she can ditch her crutches. She's starting to experience what she calls crutch-rage: an anger that makes her want to put her crutches through things. Unfortunately for me, I'm usually about the only thing in striking distance. Well, me or Disco--the cat.

So far, both Disco and I remain unscathed, but J.C. is losing patience with her injury. Our general well being may not last much longer. If she gets a walking cast, though, J.C.'ll be able to use the clutch in her car. Maybe then she can drive out to the mall or something, let a few taillights have it.


Lisa said...

Ugh, that sounds awful. I'll bet it is a fracture. How stupid that they didn't find that out at the beginning.

Christina said...

Hey Chad! How are you? It looks like the writing is still going...well. I have missed chatting! How is married life? All is well here!

Chad Simpson said...

Lisa--You're exactly right. It would have been easier if they hadn't sent us out of the ER with a pair of crutches, an Ace bandage, and a prescription for Tylenol-3.

Hey, Chris! Things are pretty great here. Glad to hear all is well with you. I'll be checking out your blog and/or sending you an email.