Eating My Words

While I have lots of love for the MFA program at the Ohio State University, I don't care much for the Buckeyes' football team. In fact, I kind of despise them. Call it my newfound love for the underdog.

Nonetheless, here's an excerpt from an email I sent to a friend about twenty minutes before the BCS Championship game kickoff:

"I watch as much college football as I can, and...Florida has played some sloppy football this year. I'm still pretty shocked they managed to lose only one game. [...] I don't think they have much of a shot if OSU plays to half their capabilities (And, yeah, I think the SEC is overrated, too)."*

Right now, of course, it's half-time, and the Univeristy of Florida Gators are up 34-14 on the Buckeyes.

If they can hold on, I'd be glad to eat my words. But I must say, Troy Smith looks so calm on the sidelines, I'd be surprised if he doesn't make something happen in the second half.

*The funny thing is that this same friend, a St. Louis Cardinals fan, sent me an incredibly disparaging email about the Cards just before they entered the playoffs this past fall. After they won the World Series, I copied and pasted the email he'd sent so he could re-read it, and we laughed about how, um, un-prophetic he was. Maybe I should send him some email saying something about how I could never win the National Book Award, how I'll probably never even publish a book.

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