"If Carl were a fish he'd live forever."

Though I finished grad school almost two years ago, I'm still on the English Department's listserv. This is my own fault--I never sent the email asking them to take me off. The truth: I kind of like the virtual eavesdropping. Last year at about this time, in fact, they were whispering about me (in a good way), and I got to watch it all go down.

This morning, though, news of a different sort: An announcement about a new online magazine, Cadillac Cicatrix.

I can't say much about it yet because my first move once I hyperlinked over there from the listserv email was to click fiction, and once I did, I saw Peter Orner's name. I do like that Peter Orner.*

*I do. But his novel? I still haven't read it. It's one of the thirty or so books stacked in small piles around my office that I've purchased over the past year and haven't yet read. Our little break between terms will arrive in two weeks; maybe I'll get to it then.

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Christina said...

Hey Chad...I haven't stopped by in awhile, it seems all is going well! Congrats on the/another publication! I had to chuckle when I read about the king sized bed! We have one here, you definitely shouldn't be living without it. And I have gray hair too! I mean ashy roots or something like that. It happens.