I feel like I should make a prediction about tonight's Super Bowl--since I have this little quasi-permanent record called a blog and all that.

First, a little background: I spent the first ten years of my life in Monmouth, Illinois. Then we moved to Logansport, Indiana, where I lived until I was eighteen. So, I grew up cheering for the Bears--and oh how fondly I remember Super Bowl XX--and, eventually, the Colts. I always figured: one of them's in the NFC, one of them's in the AFC; maybe someday they'll meet in the Super Bowl.

And now, of course, they finally are. I want to root for the Bears because they're the underdog, apparently, thanks to the AFC's utter domination of late. But I want to root for the Colts, too, because Peyton Manning is great, and I don't want him joining that list that of great quarterbacks that includes Dan Marino and Dan Fouts (what's up with the guys named Dan?) who never won a Super Bowl.

So, I'm going to cheer for the Colts, but I won't be disappointed at all if the Bears win. And, in fact, I think the Bears will win, despite the line in Vegas. The score: 23-17.

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