And further proof I don't have much of a life outside of my job.

Tonight, the last workshop of the term. I'm actually kind of sad to see this class end.

Since it's our last meeting, we have a few things to make up, which means instead of running from 7:30-12:00, as we usually do, I'm guessing we'll run from 7:30 until about 1:00 or so, which would be fine, but my plane leaves Moline for Atlanta at 7:55 in the morning.

So, I'm guessing I'll be getting to bed (that's right, I'm now blogging about my bedtime) at about two and then waking up at four-thirty. But, hey, I'm going to be on vacation (or, you know, at the AWP conference). If you're headed down to Atlanta, maybe I'll run into you, and I hope to--well, most of you anyway--provided I spend more time out of than in my hotel room.

I'll probably stop by this place on Sunday and let you all know how things went down. In the meantime, mess around in comments, or go read a short story or something.

Or, rather: Go stop by Avery: An Anthology of New Fiction. Their first issue is hot off the presses and includes a little story by yours truly. I have a box of the books on their way to my house, and I can't wait to see them....Maybe they'll be here by the time I get back.


Jane said...

I'll be sleeping when you get home tonight and still sleeping (for once) when you have to get up tomorrow.

Have a good trip and say hello to AWP for me. Be nice to the people selling books. :)

Donna said...

Your class meets until midnight???


I have no life either. Not that that's an comfort to you.

However, my nephew Chad, who is (I believe we established) your contemporary just became a father one hour ago. So that's something to add to my life, anyway.

Happy travels.