Via Chicago

The term began, and then I fell behind on Saluki week, and then the Salukis lost. I've always hated Kansas.

I have a couple other Saluki-week posts prepared, which I'll get up in the next week or two. We'll call it Saluki spring or something.

As of this morning--or last night at midnight--J.C. turned thirty. We'll be the same age for about five weeks. And in an hour or two, we're heading off to Chicago via train for the weekend, to eat some good food and wander around some bookstores and art galleries.

Oh--and I got some more good publishing news this week: The Sun is going to publish a story of mine. I've always liked this magazine--and used to buy issues every now and then at Rosetta News down in Carbondale.

When I got the news, and forwarded the email to J.C., I actually used the word "Woot." I'd heard students use that word, but I don't think I'd ever typed it out before myself. I'm not even sure what it means. At any rate, I was excited, and it came right out of my keyboard.


Donna said...

You publish in the coolest places! Congrats!

(And speaking of publishing in the coolest places: I saw one of your editors at CCCC and placed an order for Avery 1. Looking forward to it!)

Avery said...

Congratulations, Chad! Can't wait to read the new story.

By the way ... Donna ... we'll be mailing you Avery 1 on Saturday. Thanks for the purchase! What a small world, huh?


fringes said...

WOOT. Video gamer acromyn. Trash talk. We Own Other Team. It's not really a word or an actual exclamation. But what can you say when you're excited?

I prefer woo-hoo which isn't much better.

fringes said...

Forgot: congratulations!

Hey, my word verfication is funk hptd

Funky Humpty Dance? See, even Blogger is celebrating with you!

Chad Simpson said...

Thanks, Donna. That's cool you ordered a copy of Avery at 4C's. I'll be sure to send you a copy of the Duck & Herring essay when it comes out, too. Just in case, you know, you don't bump into its editor at a conference.

Steph--It is indeed a small world. I'm noting for the record, by the way, that you have neither confirmed nor denied the Babs thing.

Fringes--Thanks so much for that info--I don't think I'll ever use the expression "Woot" again. What about "Slammin'"? I'd like to get the ball rolling on that one.

And thanks for the congrats. And for letting me know Blogger was celebrating with me. "All right stop what you're doin', cause I'm about to ruin, the image and the style that you're used to. I look funny..."

My "Humpty Dance" imitation is utterly slammin.

Avery said...

Oh God. I just now read your comment on my comment to that music post.



Don't spread the word, though. How many people read your blog?

Damn, I wish I were able to lie. The guilt thing gets me every time. Friggin' Catholocism.

Seriously, though. You have to admit Babs can be pretty cool sometimes.

If my students ever stumble upon this post, I'm toast.

I'm also a rhymer, apparently.

Avery said...

should i feel guilty for spelling "catholicism" wrong?

Chad Simpson said...

Don't worry, Steph: Not too many people stop by here, and I'll keep things mum on my end.

You should work, though, on your ability to lie. Isn't one of the joys of being a Catholic that whole confession thing?

Babs isn't bad. When I think of her singing, though, it makes me think of cleaning the house with my mom.

And you are already forgiven for misspelling Catholicism, by virtue of your catching the error so quickly. Or, you know, you can say a few "Hail Mary's."