On Wednesday nights, I teach from 7:30 until about 11:30.

So, tonight, I got home at around 12:00. I could try to go straight to bed, but, you know, a person has to unwind a little. And the way I go about unwinding is by sitting at my computer for a while.

It's 2:17 right now. Well, my iBook says it's 2:17, but its clock runs ten minutes fast, so it's really only 2:07.

Anyway. I've been sitting here, unwinding, and to my left there is a bookshelf filled with books, many of which I have not yet read but want to. So, a couple minutes ago, I thought to myself, "I should be reading."

And then I decided to google "I should be reading"--in quotes--to see how many hits come up. Can you guess how many?


I scanned the hits, though, and noticed that many of them didn't quite suit the context I was looking for, so instead, I googled--in quotes--"I should be reading right now."

Any guesses?


I was actually expecting the number to be higher.

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