Oddly, this is a better birthday video than "Roy Rules."

For those of you who may not know, it's Bright Eyes' "At the Bottom of Everything."


Avery said...

I love Bright Eyes. Been listening to his newest.

Saw him in Iowa City last year (Adam, Andrew, and I went together) in a non-smoking facility and we were surrounded by high school kids treating cigarettes like joints, all hiding behind each other and all, "dude, let me get a hit off that."


Needless to say, I felt very old. And very confused, because I thought/think Bright Eyes was/is too smart for them.

Apparently, I should've felt a little judgemental, too.

Christina said...

Just wanted to say happy birthday. Glad you have joined the over 30 club! :)

Chad Simpson said...

Hey, Steph. I love Bright Eyes, too. I bought the new one off iTunes when it came out but haven't really listened to it yet.

And I know what you mean about the hipster kids. I tend to underestimate them, assuming they're more into a certain look, stance, or scene, but then I'm usually happily surprised by how smart they are. So maybe some of them do get it.

Thanks, Chris. And thanks for reminding me I'm now over thirty.