Happy Birthday To Me

#1--Just attended the Junot Diaz and Helena Maria Viramontes reading, and it was solid. The highlight for me was Diaz reading from "Nilda," my favorite story of his.

J.C. used to say, when she liked a story a lot, "I'd wear that story on a T-shirt."

I'd have "Nilda" tattooed on my back.

#2--Received a letter in the mail today that began like this:

Dear Chad Simpson:

We are pleased to offer you a Tennessee Williams Scholarship in fiction for the 2007 session of the Sewanee Writers' Conference.
* * *
The week's had other highlights, of course, but these two things rank pretty highly among them.


Avery said...

Congrats, Chad!

Chad Simpson said...

Thanks, Steph!

Lisa said...

That's fabulous! Way to go!