Online Finds

1) A Craigslist Experiment: That's My Girl, Asshole.

2) Makes Me Wish I'd Been Documenting These All My Life: Passive-Agressive Notes from Roommates, Neighbors, Coworkers, and Strangers.

Thanks to clusterflock for the links.


Avery said...

Thanks for the passive-aggressive blog link, Chad.

I couldn't stop reading the entries and my laughs were getting louder and louder (yes, alone in my office) and then my boss walks by to update me on something and I feel all guilty because I'm reading a blog while at work. But she's cool, so I turn my computer moniter toward her and dare her not to laugh out loud.

Adam and I lived with five of our friends for a couple years, so we've seen and we've left many notes in our day.

Needless to say: we only talk to two of these friends today.

Anonymous said...


this was hilarious!


Chad Simpson said...

Steph--It's great having good bosses, no? And I imagine you and Adam have a much different perspective on it than those of us who haven't lived with five friends. I know I'm going to think twice about the notes I leave for people in the future.

Kyle--Which one did you like best? I know the Craigslist experiment may seem a little base, but it was cracking me up. I'm a big fan, though, of that kind of "performance art." The kind, that is, that gauges people's various reactions to things. Think some of Jackass' better skits.