Come Pick Me Up

I wrote the essay below mostly while listening to Ryan Adams' "Cold Roses."

I'd bought that album just before we moved to Galesburg two years ago, and it somehow got lost in the transition.

Last week I finally bought a replacement off iTunes. And I wanted to post a song from that album, but I couldn't find anything I liked on YouTube.

Instead, there's this: an edited version of "Come Pick Me Up," as performed on Letterman.

I do love this song.


Alison said...

Did you see this New York Times article on Mr. Adams?
(I have a link to it.)

Alison said...

P.S. What is "Kook Aid"?

Caroline said...

Just listened to Heartbreaker again this weekend. Impatiently waiting for the new album...

Chad Simpson said...

Alison--I checked out your post and the NY Times article but didn't comment. I will say: I thought your prophecy about Ryan Adams way back when was pretty spot-on. Here's to getting sober, I suppose.

And I think I meant Kool-Aid, Kook-Aid's cousin.

Caroline--I pre-oredered "Easy Tiger" this afternoon. I'm wondering if I'll be able to download it in thirty minutes--at midnight--or if I'll have to wait until morning.