Comic Sans

So there's a snazzy new martini bar in town, and J.C. and I decided to stop there for a drink last night.

The place looked good--like any old fancy-pants martini bar. Lots of polished wood, cool lighting, black leather sofas and armchairs. Not the kind of place you expect to find here in Galesburg.

We took a seat and started to peruse the menu.

Right away, J.C. said, "Look at the font."

It was Comic Sans.

"What kind of martini bar," she said, "uses Comic Sans for their menus?"

I may not be able to get her to go back.
* * *
A Comic Sans Joke, as Told by J.C.:

Comic Sans walks into a bar.

Bartender says, "We don't serve your type."


Cyn said...

As a former coffeeshop owner who was sort of run out of business by the Comic Sans on-trop-a-newers I find this sort of news, well, comical. Thanks for the smile.

Lisa said...

What kind, indeed!

I liked your joke, J.C.