I just graded my last portfolio of the term, and at 4:00, I'll head up to my office to enter everybody's grades.

But for now, in my first official act as my own boss this summer, I'm requiring myself to watch Oprah.

This won't become a part of my summertime routine; Cormac McCarthy is appearing on the show today.

And since I've brought up Oprah: Any guesses as to what her next Book Club selection is going to be?

I'll admit: I was a little stunned to hear she'd chosen The Road in the first place. So, my guess: something by Thomas Pynchon. Maybe The Crying of Lot 49.


Anonymous said...

I vote for Ben Percy's Refresh, Refresh.


Donna said...

This isn't a guess; it's from Publisher's Weekly:


This matters because just yesterday a colleague, writing about Middlesex, was asked to justify writing about it . Now its popularity is beyond question.

Chad Simpson said...

Kyle--I hear that's going to be Fall's selection. Have you heard, by the way, that Mr. Percy is going to be a pin-up in a future P&W? He's working right now not on a novel but on getting rid of his tan lines.

Donna--What an odd coincidence. I'd say that based on what Eugenides has done so far, he's certainly someone your colleague can feel justified writing about, in that he'll most likely continue to be an important writer. And now he even has Oprah's endorsement.