I'm off in the morning for Sewanee, my first of two writers' conferences this summer. The Sewanee website has the list of fellows and scholars, and I say with no false modesty that it's a bit intimidating--there are a number of writers who will be there whose work I've been reading and admiring for a number of years.

Since I'll have plenty of things to occupy my time for the next two weeks, I won't be doing any updating to this little blog-type thing while I'm away. That's right, no "I'm on my way to this or that class or lecture" posts. No "I can't believe I got a cold sore on my first day" ramblings.

Instead, y'all can leave notes in comments or something.

I hesitate to say that, since I doubt many of you will do it. The truth is, I don't quite know what this blog-type thing is all about. Mostly, it's me mentioning things that I've been into lately: TV shows, books, stories I've read online. What's surprised me over the past year and few months, though, is how many people have shown up at it. Some of you leave comments; others send emails. And I know, thanks to a little stat-counter-type thing, that there are quite a few lurkers who stop by, too. I don't mind lurkers. I lurk all the time. And sometimes, while lurking, I've seen posts in which bloggers ask people to de-lurk. I've considered doing that in the past, but mine seems to me just the kind of blog where it's perfectly all right to lurk, since it's not terribly interactive or, really, personal, so I haven't ever done it.

How about if instead of de-lurking, everybody who reads this post leaves some little anonymous comment. You can say how you came across the blog, or whether or not I know you in "real" life, or what your favorite book or color or song is. You can say, really, whatever you like.

You don't feel like it?

That's cool, too.

I'll see y'all in about two weeks.

Stay gold and all that.


Anonymous said...

I hope you have fun and don't get a cold sore. I am not leaving this comment anonymously. You can’t make me.

Anonymous said...

I know you in real life.

Or, I knew you in real life.

I'm a writer, too.

Yeah, just like you.

Pardon the rhyme there.

My favorite color is twilight, whatever the weather.

Anonymous said...

It's raining right now where I am.

I bet it's raining there, too.

Have a good trip!

Chad Simpson said...

Thanks, Dana.

And thanks for not posting anonymously. Strange word, anonymously, no?

Anon #1: Twilight: Very cool color. And I agree: whatever the weather.

Anon #2: I think it's raining here. I hear, at any rate, quite a bit of thunder. Here's hoping the roads are dry in the morning.

Ms. Mamma said...

I think I wound up here via Intact and thought your writing was interesting. I'm with Dana.

Elena-from-Knox said...

I thought about trying to write a witty anonymous comment, but decided I don't really mind if you know I read your blog.

You mentioned your blog in a conference with me last term, and last year you mentioned that you'd read my livejournal without knowing it was me, so I figured fair was fair and looked you up. I bookmarked this thing and stop by every once in a while.

Anonymous said...

I'm a former student. I haven't been by recently, since I haven't had a class with you for a bit now. It started with me googling your name to see what was out there about you and then being delighted to have the "inside scoop" on a professor.

Also nice to see some of your recommendations.

Andrea said...

Yo Chad, just discovered you. .and had to give you a go-go-go-go for even being PART of the circle who GETS to go to a writer's conference. There are those of us too afraid to even apply ourselves to that dimension. Congrats. You're insiring. On another topic, I see that you're from Galesburg, and I can't help but tell you I'm from the Quad Cities--but I'm currently in Bulgaria serving in the Peace Corps. Lates, Andrea www.glory-ho.com