I have a new story up at Guernica: A Magazine of Art & Politics.

You can read it here.

And thank you, Meakin, for helping make it a little better.


Avery said...

I love your stuff.

Chad Simpson said...

Thanks so much, Steph.

How are things going up there?

Avery said...

We've just about accepted all our stories for Avery 2. Might have room for one more, though. Almost have enough money to print ... We're having a New York reading/fundraiser on Nov. 3rd. Same old same old. School started here, too, so we're all pressed for time. Hey, I've been meaning to ask you: when you gonna write a book? I'm so looking forward to reading it ...

Chad Simpson said...

I'm having dinner with my parents tonight, and my mom will probably ask that same question within the first ten minutes of our getting together.

There are four or five stories I want to write, and once I get those done, I'll make some decisions about what stays and what goes and all that. (I've been saying this same thing for about two years, though, so who knows when it'll ever get done). At any rate, I appreciate the comment, Steph.

And while I'm glad to know what's up with Avery (of course--and by the way, I met a few of Andrew's friends at Bread Loaf)...I was wondering, too, how things are going with the baby boy and all that.

Avery said...


Well, the baby boy is too cute. He's just starting to develop his temper. And it's a fiesty one!

And Adam's going on the job market this year. Cross your fingers!

As for me ... I'm just trucking along. Meeting with students for advising or writing purposes almost every half hour. I talk all frickin' day. God help me.