i don't care much one way or the other
about Neil Young

but it happens every so often, as it did
two nights ago

when i was driving back from Abingdon,
and i saw the moon--

this too large and too heavy-looking
thing in the sky

shaped like a half-eaten hedge apple
but red, or orange

or some color in between--and even
though it's December--

two months past the proper time for it,
the sowing,

i thought, driving north on forty-one,
that's a harvest moon

and i thought of some song i've never really
cared for all that much

one way or the other. i'm not even sure now
what it was

i was actually listening to.

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Christina said...

Chad...the moon WAS beautiful wasn't it? Anyway, Jim and I (kids included too) are all moving to FL soon and we are doing some hard core cleaning...I found some of your old work...re-read it and still thought it was great! Hope all is well.