One of J.C.'s friends who really enjoyed "A Man and His Fork" is encouraging her to shoot a movie of me every week. So, J.C. has come up with some options for the next video. If you feel like it, you can comment or email me with your vote.

This is so like the primaries.

Or not really.

Here goes:

Chad chops an onion ("A Man and His Tears")

Chad cross-stiches ("A Man and His Needle")

Chad performs "Tricky" by Run DMC on Singstar ("A Man and His Rhythm")

Chad watches ultimate fighting ("A Man and His Pay-Per-View")

Chad takes a nap ("A Man and his Sleep Apnea")


Anonymous said...

Time has come for more video!


Lisa said...

I vote for the onion.

Christina said...

I vote for a man and his rhythm, but I would prefer humpty dance...if jc hasn't seen that, she should wait no longer. he he he

Heather said...

Let's have "A Man and His Needle." Now! Preferably something with kittens...