And speaking of recently released literary endeavors...The new issue of Barrelhouse is available for mass consumption.

It includes fiction by Jim Ruland, Emily Doak, some guy named Rob McClure Smith, and many more, as well as an essay by me, in the magazine's tribute to "Dive Bar Stories."

I've long admired Barrelhouse, and not too long ago, I took this issue to bed with me, intending to read only the other Dive Bar essays. However, once I finished them, I ended up reading several stories in the issue, along with a number of fine poems.

No joke, the work in this issue kept me up for hours. I am humbled and grateful to have something written by me included among such excellent work. Seriously, go and look for yourselves at all this issue has to offer.

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Anonymous said...

Loved your essay in Barrelhouse. Thanks for sharing it.