Those of you who check this blog regularly may have noticed that I was pretty much absent for the entire month of February. I was busy teaching and writing for a lot of that month, and when I was online, I kept myself busy by reading stories for Wigleaf's Top 50 (Very) Short Stories of 2007 rather than by posting any blog entries.

If you're not sure what all I'm talking about, here are some links:

Scott's foreward to Wigleaf's Top 50 (Very) Short Stories of 2007

My introduction to the same

Wigleaf's homepage, where you can find a link to the stories

If you can't tell from my intro, I had a blast reading the stories from the long list. The only problem, really, was figuring out how to narrow the number of stories down to fifty. Or, err, fifty-five.

Much thanks to Scott and Wigleaf for asking me to play along.

* * *
And speaking of very short stories...

I have a little thing called "Preparation" up at Dogzplot.

You can read it at the Dogzplot blog or at Dogzplot's MySpace page.

Much thanks to Barry Graham and the cool folks at Dogzplot for having me.

And if you haven't yet done so, you should check out the latest issue of Dogzplot, which contains work by Elizabeth Ellen, Steven J. McDermott, Dawn Corrigan, and Yu-Han Chao, among many excellent others.

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