In my last post, I mentioned the various book blogs I visit on a nearly daily basis. A few weeks ago, both Ms. Maud and Ms. Crispin linked to "Foreclosure," an essay by Doug Crandell published in The Sun Magazine. I didn't click either of the bloggers' links to the essay because I knew I had the magazine itself lying around the house somewhere, and then a few days ago, I finally read it. It was excellent. So good that I immediately handed it over to J.C. and told her to read it right away, which she did.

This afternoon, J.C. and I visited the Quad Cities, where we ate sushi and visited The Figge Art Museum and shopped for books at the chain stores, because they're pretty much all we have available to us.

J.C. decided to browse for some story collection or novel that she'd never heard of and she came across Doug Crandell's The Flawless Skin of Ugly People.

She's reading it right now, and giving me updates about what's going on in the story. I imagine that when she finishes it, it's going to end up in the growing stack of books on my nightstand. I hope I manage to get to it by next summer.

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