I was reading some stories over at Titular Journal a few days ago--some great stories by Scott Garson, Claudia Smith, Blake Butler, and quite a few others; really, all of the stories I read were pretty good--and I realized that a story I had sitting around called "Interruption" could be titled "White Noise."

You see, if you haven't been over Titular's way, then you might not know that all of the stories they're collecting--and it does feel a little like a collection--are named after TV shows, novels, or movies. So, I went with "White Noise"--after, of course, the Don DeLillo novel, not that movie with Michael Keaton in it--and sent it off.

And now, after some excellent edits suggested by the editor, the story that used to be called "Interruption" and that is now called "White Noise" is up.

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