The December Hobart is live. I feel close to this issue. It has stories by my friends Eugene Cross and Kyle Minor, as well as stories by Edward Mullany and Molly Gaudry. I don't know Edward or Molly, but I've been reading enough of Molly's cool little stories that I'm starting to feel like I know her. And her story is kind of perfect for a December web issue, especially if your family is anything like mine.

That last part is a joke.

Kind of.

The issue also includes an interview with John Brandon, conducted by Matt Bell. I skipped this one, because Brandon's Arkansas is in my soon-to-be-read pile, but I'll be sure to return to it in a couple weeks, after I've finished the book.
* * *
And in other Hobart news...

I've had the Hobart calendar on the wall in my office all year. For all of November, my pal Benjamin Percy was looming over my writing desk, holding a shotgun in his hand.

This month, Aaron B. and Elizabeth E. are looking all sexy in Santa gear. Aaron is even holding a bottle of Maker's Mark in one hand. It's like he knows just what I want for Christmas.

My office is something of a cave.

It's in the basement, and nobody goes down there really except for me. Until yesterday, when my brother and his girlfriend came over to use my printer.

As soon as my brother walked into the office, he saw the calendar--the photo of Aaron and Elizabeth. He was all, "What the hell?"

I figured I could try to explain what Hobart is, but instead I just said, "They're writers."

My brother said, "Oh," as if no further explanation was needed.


Molly Gaudry said...


Molly Gaudry said...


Please consider sending along some writing to either Twelve Stories (short fiction 1,500 words or under) or Willows Wept Review (winter-themed nature writing).


Scott Garson said...

how sure are you that your p's won't go read Molly's story?

Chad Simpson said...

Hey, Molly--Thanks for stopping by and leaving a note. I'll be sure to keep Twelve Stories and Willows Wept Review in mind when I send things out.

Scott--My dad doesn't read at all, but my mom reads a ton. If she comes by the blog and eventually reads Molly's story, she'd probably agree with me. My p.'s are a strange pair. But fun.

Emily said...

A flyswatter hung on a hanger? Very interesting, indeed.

Sam Martone said...
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Chad Simpson said...

Emily--Yes, that is a fly-swatter on a hanger. But...When I recently cleaned the place, both of those things disappeared. I'm still pretty sure my office is a kind of interesting place, though.

Sam--I'm glad to see you around. And I'm glad you'll be in my workshop this winter. It's going to be a good time. I promise.