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from Keyhole:

They posted some very cool little stories by Sherrie Flick recently, which are definitely worth checking out. I loved Flick's I Call This Flirting, and am looking forward to her novel, which I need to order soon.

They also recently published this, by my pal Jamie Iredell.

I was excited and humbled, too, today to discover that Dan Wickett gave some attention to "Two Weeks and One Day," my Keyhole story. You can read what he had to say here.

As an aside: If you haven't been following Dan's coverage of Short Story Month, it might be worth your time. He's been saying all kinds of smart things about all kinds of great stories, and I'm grateful to him not just for having a look-see at my little story but for taking the time in general to discuss and promote short fiction.

If you're reading this and asking yourself, "What's Short Story Month?" then I implore you to head over Dan's way now, and you will have all your answers, as his coverage has been pretty exhaustive. Read what he has to say and then see where all his links take you. It'll be worth it; I promise.

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