"Totally crossed out"*

My main man...my brotha from anotha motha...my bromance...

Eugene Cross published two stories in the fairly recent past, and I have not yet sent you all his way.

Until now, of course:

"Loyalty" is up at Guernica


"The Brother" is over at Narrative Magazine

Narrative, of course, requires you to sign up, but if you haven't done it yet...it's free, and though the emails they'll send you can get a wee bit annoying, gaining access to the work they publish makes it all worth it, I think.

*Are the Kriss Kross lyrics a little dorky here?

Umm, I'm thinking, 'Yes.'


Molly Gaudry said...

Good post. Hi to Eugene!

Amanda said...

"Totally Crossed Out," indeed. Well done, and just dorky enough. Thank you for that.

Jamie Iredell said...

Glad to see yr posting again. Eugene is totally gay. By that I mean happy.

Eugene said...

I will fight you to the death, Iredell, after excessive hugging of course...