I Heart Keyhole

I'm excited about this.

I once read something about how Borges was fond of detective novels because detective novels tend to accept from page one that the way fiction works is not always the way life works. Thus, the form is always construct, language.

I work with a lot of students who are interested in fairy tales, and their interest in them has increased my own over the years. What I've realized: I think I'm beginning to like fairy tales for those same reasons that Borges was fond of detective novels.

Other writers--from Robert Coover to Kate Bernheimer to Molly Gaudry--have probably realized this already, but it's not so unusual for me to arrive to such things late.

But back to Matt Bell and Wolf Parts: I'm pretty sure that Bell's facility with language--his fondness for the utterance that makes up the construct--along with his ability to broach the human and feeling will yield an amazing fairy tale retelling.

I've already ordered mine. Now it's your turn.

*By the way, Peter Cole: Dang, man; that cover looks great. And so does the website. You're kinda my hero.


Molly Gaudry said...

Honored to be part of that sentence, with those names. Hope all's well with you, and maybe I'll see you in April. :)

Peter Cole said...

Chad...read the post this morning but I didn't see the line with my name in it until now. Want to say thank you!