Phantoms/Phantoms/Book Club

Though I posted something about this on Facebook a while ago, I neglected to say anything on this here blog (which will later, of course, find its contents copied and transported to that same place where I've already been talking...)...

Issue Six of Freight Stories is live and contains my story "Phantoms," as well as stories by my main man Eugene Cross, and several other writers I admire, including Terese Svoboda, Robin Black, and Glen Pourciau. I am honored to be in this kind of company, and I owe much thanks to Andrew Scott and Victoria Barrett for having me.

And speaking of "Phantoms"...Phantoms the chapbook has a new cover:

It's no longer four-color, but it's still pretty bad-ass, I think.

Lots of folks have been pre-ordering, which is awesome, but there are still some copies available for those of you who might want this thing but haven't yet made your way here. (Will this be the last time I mention this? Maybe? Yeah, maybe. There aren't all that many left that aren't going to wind up in my hands, I don't think.)

And speaking of Andrew Scott (I did, above, I swear): Several months ago, he began Andrew's Book Club, a book club dedicated to both Big House and Indie Press short story collections. I became a member of this club on Facebook as soon as I found out about it because, well, what a fucking great idea. And Andrew's kept up with this thing, each and every month, supporting authors I've never heard of and authors I've loved for years who have been putting out collections.

To be honest, it got to the point not very long ago where I was all, "How can he keep up with all of this? Who else possibly could?"

And then, about a day later, I received an email letting me know that Andrew had released March's picks for the book club. My first thought was something like, "Just knock it off, already. Give me some time to catch up." I didn't even bother clicking over to see what his choices for the month were.

But then. Then. I eventually wound up over that way, and lo and behold: He'd chosen my chapbook as the Micropress selection of the month.

I'm still reeling a little from guilt. Please forgive me, Andrew. Thanks for doing what you do--and thanks, too, for choosing my little book.


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