Elizabeth Ellen

Dan Wickett has gotten word from Kevin Sampsell that Future Tense Books is going to publish a chapbook of Elizabeth Ellen's work.

I am currently not allowing myself to buy books, but thankfully the thing won't come out until December, by which time my self-imposed no-book-buying ban will be lifted.

For now, go check out Elizabeth's website and read a few of her stories.

And while you're at it...

I found out via Dave Clapper's blog that SmokeLong Quarterly is now posting reviews of flash fiction. And the first review, written by Dave himself, is of Elizabeth Ellen's "Blood," first published in elimae, and a story I actually taught in my comp class this past spring.

I only added that last detail because it didn't involve my linking to anything.


Dave Clapper said...

Elizabeth has been such a revelation to me. I wasn't familiar with her before I set out to searching for stories to review. Once I happened upon "Blood," I wound up reading a bunch of her stuff. Great, great writing.

Chad Simpson said...

I'm with you, Dave. I can't wait to pick up that chapbook.

I even started a little homage to E.E. yesterday. We'll see how it goes, as she sets the bar pretty high.