Half-Naked Thursday

Since I participated in Poetry Thursday, I figured I might as well get half-naked as well. So here it is, my half-naked office:

If you're wondering in what way my office is half-naked, I'll tell you. For a long time I wanted that proverbial room of my own, and last year I got it, a wonderful little office space in the basement of the house we rent. I have spent a lot of time hanging out in the office, but when I really want to get down to the business of writing, I go to a coffee shop in town.

I ran into a colleague there recently, and when I told him I was writing, he responded that he needed "darkness and silence" to get work done. In my little office, I can have all the darkness and silence I want, but the truth is, I generally end up finding ways to distract myself. At the coffee shop the distractions of others, oddly, tend to help keep me focused. So my office has been for a while now, and shall remain, half-naked.


me said...

Nice half-naked office:) Happy HNT!

I prefer writing at a coffee shop myself ... even if I have my iPod with me, being around other people is nice.

Crimson said...

Very creative ;) HHNT

me said...

The next question is, can I go half-nekkid AT my office?

Probably not.

Oh well. Happy Awesome HNT!

Susannah said...

Hey Chad, good to find you - thanks for the delurk, and your kind comments :-)

i'm in a reading slump too - i usually get a quarter of the way through a book then find i haven't the energy to keep going. if the books plain bad then i don't care but it's happening with the good ones too - what's that all about? if you find a cure, let me know!

(and what the hell is half-naked thursday? i'm off to investigate.... )

Phain said...

Inspiration usually strikes me when I'm driving in traffic. Lots of scrap paper floating around in my car with a sentence here, phrase there, questions without answers... *~*Happy HNT*~*

HNB said...

We all think we need to quiet and solitude and sometimes we do. But i think we most often work best when we're around other people. I think we feed off the vibes and warmth and humanity.

Chad Simpson said...

Thanks, all.

Susannah, I'm sure you figured out what HNT is if you did a little searching. The whole thing started out with people posting pictures of their wedding bands or scarred knees but eventually evolved into something much less half-naked.