Reading Slump

About a month ago, I read three novels in one week, and about six over the course of three weeks. Since then, I've started reading several books but I haven't finished a single one. (I know this is the ultimate sin for some of you--it used to be to me, when I read much more reverentially--but the books I quit reading, I just wasn't that into them).

Now, it's true, I did order cable about a month ago, and since I read my last book I watched the sixth season of The Sopranos and the second season of Entourage (thanks, HBO On Demand) but I haven't spent that much time in front of the tube. I'm certain I've spent more time online than I have watching SportsCenter or Veronica Mars.

But, the good news: I started reading Charles D'Ambrosio's The Dead Fish Museum yesterday, and I think that's going to be the book to break the slump. I'll write more about this guy later. For now, does everyone else go through reading slumps? How do they come about? How do you break them? And, I suppose, if you want to chastise me for not finishing a few books, go ahead and do so. I'm curious to hear why you feel you have the obligation to keep reading, even when you don't necessarily want to.


fringes said...

I personally believe HBO is as good as, if not better than, books.

Chad Simpson said...

I'm pretty much with you on that one, Fringes. The writing on The Sopranos & The Wire, especially, is as good as just about anything. And as for The Wire, they've had Dennis Lehane, George Pelecanos, and Richard Price, along with Edward Burns, writing for them, so it's not like Hollywood hacks are penning the scripts.