I'm ever inching closer to maximizing my technological capacities.

Two weeks ago, I received my usual iTunes email. I tend to neglect them, as they don't typically highlight the kind of stuff I'm looking for. This one was different, though. I saw an ad for the new album from The Shins. If I ordered it right then, I'd get a bonus track.

So I took them up on it. Then last Tuesday, I thought, "Hey, didn't I pre-order the new album from The Shins?" I checked iTunes and realized the album didn't come out until today. I mean, I'd done this weeks in advance.

Twenty minutes ago, though, I opened up my iTunes and realized the album--Wincing the Night Away--was waiting for me. It's playing as I type.

Oh, and another happy surprise this Tuesday: Veronica Mars returns tonight. I thought the season ended way back in November or whenever it was, but it turns out that was just the cliffhanger for the second half of the season. So stoked. I'm going to go set out a bag of microwave popcorn right now.

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Dan Wickett said...

Amazing, but the only people I know who enjoy VM are heavy readers. Coincidence? I think not.