Adoption Day

This afternoon we celebrated Adoption Day with frozen pizza, chicken wings, and an assortment of fried foods.

D. has officially been a part of the family for three years now, and his parents have turned him into a raving Illini fan. So, after we feasted on the appetizer sampler mentioned above, we settled down to watch the Wisconsin vs. Illinois game--which turned out to be a pretty close battle.

I suppose I should include some kind of cute anecdote about D., since this was his day. Via his mom:

This morning, D. came downstairs, dressed from toe to head in camouflage, wearing his orange hunting vest. He knew it was Adoption Day, and he was having his dad take him squirrel hunting. He passed by the kitchen, where his mom was, wearing all that camouflage and carrying his four-ten in one hand and his pellet gun in the other, and he called out to her as he opened the side door, "Bye, mom. I'll be back. Thanks for adopting me.

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fringes said...

Very nice. Tell him I said Happy Adoption Day!

Heather said...

Oh, damn. Here I am all misty-eyed about it. Here's to D's Adoption Day!