"Sunday Night...

...ain't a damn thing funny..."*

Like Lucinda Williams, I've always had a hard time making it through Sunday. From about the age of twelve, Sundays filled me with such dread I'd spend most of the day lying immobile in bed, a remote control in my hand.

Since I started grad school way back when, I haven't quite been afforded those kind of luxuries, but I did start watching The Sopranos and Six Feet Under on Sunday nights a few years ago, and every week they gave me something to look forward to on that most anxiety-filled of days.

Lately, though, Sunday-night TV has kind of sucked.

I could opt to read a book or something, but the truth is, I like watching TV on Sundays, especially good TV.

And tonight, oh tonight, in just twenty minutes or so, the beginning of the end of The Sopranos is going to start. I just re-watched the last two episodes of the first half of the season to get me prepared, and, man, am I psyched.

And what else? The new season of Entourage starts tonight, too.**

So I think my Sunday nights are going to be pretty solid from now until sometime this summer. Well, I'll at least be more likely to make it through them anyway.

*Prizes--most likely virtual, ethereal, though no less thoughtful--go to whomever can complete this slightly botched lyric.

**I just remembered: The new season of The Shield started this past week. It's like some kind of TV heaven going on right now.


Avery said...

Adam and I just bought the first part of the third season of Entourage. Watched about half of it this weekend.

I love Ari.

Chad Simpson said...

I love Ari, too.

I think Johnny Drama is my favorite character, though. Just about everything he says cracks me up. Sometimes, when he's on screen, I'll laugh just in anticipation of what he's going to say.

Avery said...

Oh man, me, too. Drama's facial expressions are hilarious. How about when he went to Ralph Macchio's house? Oh God. Too funny.

Karate Kid was just on TV last month, by the way.

Wax on, wax off.