Tea Party--D.

My father-in-law informed us that D. has a new nickname around town: Fish. Eventually, Fish, w/fish*, made an appearance. For a while, big Fish wore a frilly red dress over his jeans and sweatshirt, but he wouldn't let anybody take his picture.

*Little fish is D.'s first catch of the season--an eight-pound carp he pulled out of Pope Creek, which runs behind J.C.'s parents' place in rural Rio, Illinois. Mama J wrapped the fish in a towel and then double-bagged it and stuck it in the freezer, as the family debates whether or not little fish should be stuffed and mounted or smoked.


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Chad Simpson said...

I'm hoping for smoked, too. I've never had smoked carp, but everybody who's had it seems to love it--even those strange people who, for whatever reason, don't like fish.