J.C. called her mom when we were on our way to Peoria yesterday to celebrate our anniversary, and a few minutes into the conversation, my nephew D. wanted to talk to her.

He'd been reading stories on the internet about the treasure found on the sunken British warship--the $500 million in gold coins. D. knew J.C. writes articles for a newspaper, and he wanted to know if she'd written the one about all those coins.

J.C. thought it was cute that a) D. thinks of her when he reads any old newspaper article and b) he was so excited about the treasure.

I said, "What treasure? Where did they find it? How much is it worth? Were pirates involved?"

I really do love my job, and I tend to say there's nothing I would rather do, but if I had to do something else...I would love to work on one of those crews that looks for treasures.

In fact, it's hard for me to believe there are actually adults who get paid to do this kind of thing.

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heather said...

i know what you mean about this. i have a six year old daughter and it's all she's been able to talk about. how cool would that be.