Live Blogging

As someone who frequently takes advantage of "live blogging" (I'm talking mostly about ufcjunkie's coverage of UFC's PPV bouts, which I love), I found this little tidbit quite interesting.

I'm also curious about the lengths to which the NCAA et. al. will go to enforce such a policy.

Not to mention the other arenas in which this kind of censorship may ultimately apply.

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Lisa said...

It's not exactly the "live" issue, but there's been backlash against food bloggers by restaurant chefs and managers, I've read. Pretty much along the lines of, Who are these ignoramuses that come into my place, take pictures of my food (thus destroying the element of surprise for other patrons), and write like they know what they're talking about? People read these "reviews" and it affects our business! Yep—free speech is a terrible, terrible thing. There ought to be a law.