I know this blog-type thing isn't usually the place any of you comes for political commentary, but...

In addition to watching the Keith Olbermann video below, you should go and read this post by Deron Bauman over at clusterflock.

To quote Mr. Bauman: "If you're not furious enough at this point to speak up, I respectfully suggest you aren't paying attention. "

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Anonymous said...

Have you heard about H Res 333? I urge you and your readers to take a few minutes to look at:


It's a list of the 25 most recent comments made by real Americans participating in an online poll/letter-writing campaign concerning the impeachment charges recently filed against Vice President Cheney, which are now being evaluated by the House Judiciary Committee. Comments can be sent to elected representatives and local newspapers at your option. The participation page is at:


Since this campaign began, several members of Congress have signed on as co-sponsors, in part due to hearing from their constituents. Has yours? Make your voice heard, and let others know!