I'm glad I put up the recent political posts, but it kind of bugs me that they've been up so long. Just so y'all know, my leaving them up wasn't some kind of additional political statement. I've been absent because J.C. and I were on vacation--her first one in three years.

We stopped at a friend's place in Granger, Indiana, and spent the night with his wife and kids on Monday and then spent Tuesday and Wednesday in New Buffalo, Michigan, walking on the beach, visiting wineries. A tad yuppie of us, I admit, but relaxing, pretty, all that.

Then we spent the next few nights at my parents' lake cabin near here, eating good food and playing, of all things, gin rummy. Yes, gin rummy. It was the first time we'd ever played together, but we ended up sitting on the deck and playing for about ten hours.

I would put up some pictures of the trip or something, to make this post a little more interesting, but I honestly don't think we took any. Odd, I know, but I've never been one to document trips with a camera. I did, however, in the guest book for the suite we stayed at in New Buffalo, write a couple of haiku. One was about Lake Michigan, and the other was about, fittingly, wine.

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